Field of Activities

PedMedDev Hub

PedMedDev Hub is the community of people and the vital platform to facilitate and sustainably improve the development and innovation of medical devices for kids.

We see our task to listen, to communicate and to connect.

We are helping to assess, to advise and to enable.

Health Care Research “Pediatric Medical Devices”

We are conducting as a multidisciplinary team health policy and systems research (HPSR). We are using qualitative and quantitative methods to ask questions about pediatric medical devices. The views of all stakeholders involved and the legal framework are examined and analyzed. We are working about child centricity, clinical needs, customer discovery, ethical issues, patient rights, effectiveness and efficiency, scientific evidence, costs, quality and safety.

Innovation & Development 

We are an active research group, which are innovating and developing for kids. We are doing prototyping, preclinical and clinical research 


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